Discovering Antarctica

Antarctica is a frozen, windswept continent so remote that it has no permanent inhabitants and is like nowhere else on earth. Our Travel Partner, Intrepid, specialises in 'Real Life Experiences' and their ethos is to embrace difference and open yourself up to new cultures and experiences to be curious, challenged, fearless, alive.


Antarctica is the southernmost continent and site of the South Pole with an unique landscape, distinctive ecosystems and is one of the world’s true wildernesses. It is also home to cutting edge science, unprecedented international collaboration and growing numbers of tourists who have discovered it’s characteristics and the challenges it faces.  Stepping across the plains, mountains and beaches of the white continent as icebergs carve dramatically into the ocean with striking, iceberg-flanked passageways.  Discover Port Lockroy, a former British research station turned museum. The peninsula’s isolated terrain also shelters rich wildlife, including many penguins – this is an experience that’s hard to describe.









Today it is a bit easier to visit remote these destinations and Intrepid run a variety of Antarctica tours between November and March each year, cruising in comfort on state-of-the-art polar vessels.  But don’t be fooled, be prepared as, as adventures go this is the big one.  You will cross the infamous Drake Passage and set foot on the Antarctic Peninsula, explore ice-dotted bays by zodiac and get up close with Gentoo penguins and migrating blue whales these are not just ‘Antarctic trips’ these are ‘Antarctic adventures’

Intrepid have a number of Antarctic adventures to choose from with durations from 10 to 23 days so, for example, if you are short on time then their ‘Pristine Antarctica 10 days from Ushuaia’ will let you experience one of the most Intrepid experiences out there – an expedition to Antarctica via the famous Drake Passage.









Departing from Ushuaia late January, travelling in the comfort of the brand new MV Hondius, your arrival mid-summer gives you the opportunity to enjoy the full spectacle of the Antarctic season.  Debuting in 2019 this is one of the first civilian ships to receive a Polar Class 6 notation and not only is it one of the strongest vessels coasting the Antarctic but its modern interiors and fittings mean you will be cruising in luxury too.








As the ice and snow melts away, wonderful rocky beaches come into view and the region is primed for explorations by Zodiac and each day a new jaw dropping scene comes into view.  Whales, penguin chicks and seabirds reveal themselves and under the guidance of an expert leader, full expedition crew and onboard naturalists this trip will provide all the essential ingredients for a once in a lifetime adventure.

However, if time is not an issue then their ‘Crossing the Antarctic Circle via Falklands and South Georgia from Buenos Airies’ is the ultimate 23 day Polar trip where you will experience the raw power and magnitude of the natural world on this Antarctic expedition and which also gives you a deep appreciation of this astounding region.

You will become well acquainted with Antarctica’s icy wilderness on this crossing of the Antarctic Circle that stops by the Falklands and South Georgia. Cruise across oceans bubbling with sea life, step foot on islands that few people get to walk on and witness massive glaciers and sparkling ice sheets glistening in the ocean. Learn about the local fauna from experts during onboard presentations, grasp the sheer magnitude of Shackleton’s survival in South Georgia and wander among thousands of penguins in the Falklands.








Sailing on the Ocean Endeavour, the largest ship in their fleet, you will have plenty of outdoor space to watch the magnificent scenery go by whilst the spacious lounge and bar areas are ideal for relaxing with a drink or chatting to fellow travellers allowing you to be part of it or enjoying quiet solitude.  There is a variety of cabins to choose from offering something for all budgets also a great value option for solo travellers.

Endeavour is also the only polar expedition ship in Antarctica focused on health and wellness, and offers a contemporary approach to cuisine and newly-designed health and fitness features. Facilities include a spa serviced by organic spa provider VOYA, His & Hers saunas, a salt water pool, a gym, and a juice and smoothie bar. Complimentary activities include yoga and stretching classes, an exclusive Polar Photography program, the Scientists in Residence program, and more adventure activities than any other Quark vessel.

One of our colleagues at Intrepid, Andrew Turner, has just returned from an epic trip so here are some of his quotes:

“Antarctica has always been a dream destination to visit, and I feel so privileged I got to visit the end of the earth. Be prepared to be amazed, this place is awesome!”

“I didn’t really know what to expect, I knew I would see plenty of Penguins and it would be beyond cold. The experience exceeded any expectations I had. My favourite part was steeping off a Zodiac onto the ice, standing next to a penguin whilst drinking hot chocolate… this is a memory that will last a lifetime! Magical.”

“I would absolutely recommend a trip to Antarctica, yes it is slightly pricier than the average holiday but it’s definitely worth it. I have stand out memories from this trip that will last a lifetime and met some incredible people on board that will remain friends forever.”


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